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  1. Ah, I see. I did not know that mods had built in datapacks. I had been on 1.12.2 previously. Also, I would like to apologize to diesieben07 for any frustration I have have caused them. In retrospect I was being impatient, as I had already spent a few hours trying to troubleshoot the problem on my own. You did nothing wrong and it was wrong of me to get frustrated with you.
  2. That worked. I feel like an absolute ninny with how simple that was to resolve. lol I never encountered that kind of error before, and had removed some mods for different errors, so I did not think that it was still caused by a mod.
  3. I listed the mods and their versions below. AppleSkin-mc1.16.1-forge-1.0.14 BetterMineshaftsForge-1.16.1-1.3 BiomesOPlenty-1.16.1- Controlling- fortunate-2.8.1-MC-1.16.1 Lollipop-1.16.1-2.1.3 Mekanism-1.16.1- MekanismAdditions-1.16.1- MekanismGenerators-1.16.1- MekanismTools-1.16.1- Powah-1.16.1-2.1.3 preview_OptiFine_1.16.1_HD_U_G2_pre15
  4. I cannot get it to start any world, so I have not had the opportunity to attempt to start an existing world. It happens everytime I try to start a new world tho. Now it seems like you are intentionally being rude. Everybody makes mistakes, but that does not warrant questioning my intelligence like that.
  5. As for the issue, I have no datapacks loaded. I am not running a server, just trying to start a singleplayer world. I attached everything that looked like a log.
  6. All I was told was to post a debug log, and you never stated where that log was located. I did not know there there was a log folder, and was not informed of that. When I found the file I thought was correct, I posted it and was told that was "not remotely" correct, which can come off as rude, especially when not advised or informed as to how that was incorrect in that reply. I can see how what you said would have been enough for someone that is experienced in reporting bugs, but I have never needed to report a bug for Minecraft forge or mods before. I explained in some of my repli
  7. I am not certain if you meant to be rude, but it is incredibly frustrating when after I explained that I am uncertain what I am looking for, and then post the wrong thing, that you do not even attempt to be helpful and explain why I am incorrect. It is frustrating and does not help me report the bug properly.
  8. I would appreciate some guidance, as I do not know what I am looking for. Just telling me that I have the wrong thing does not help resolve the issue.
  9. Nevermind, I'm just blind. I was thinking something along a crashlog. I didn't realize that there is a log for the entire time. 2020-08-01-1.log.gz
  10. Where do I find those? I already looked and could not find them, but I never needed to do so before so I probably looked in the wrong place.
  11. No matter how I install forge, or how many new instances I make, I cannot create a world. The following screen always appears; The safe mode button never works. I have my mods in a separate mods folder, but when I open up the datapacks screen from the world creation screen, all the mods are listed there. I do not believe it generates a log when this happens, but please correct me if I am mistaken.
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