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  1. wdym "remove" it. Its in a function
  2. Dont really know what you mean but maybe Reflection will help you
  3. Hello, i currently working on a mod that uses bows a lot. While testing i noticed, that arrows have some kind of randomness to them. I looked into the EntityArrow class and noticed that there where 3 lines where minecraft adds some random value (to the arrow vector) when the player shoots a bow. Is it possible to remove this randomness without a coremod? Thanks in advance
  4. Please dont just copy-paste your error here. Upload it onto pastebin or smthing and describe what you did and what happened
  5. i know its been a while but what happens if the handler name is not unique?
  6. Maybe Minecraft.getMinecraft().gameSettings.thirdPersonView helps
  7. I am working on a mod that requires me to intercept/filter some packets. How could i accomplish that? What i need: - When certain statement is true, deny some packets from going to the Server What i thought about: - ChannelPipelines (But dont really know if they could help me) Thank you in advance
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