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  1. Can you give an example? I'm not that familiar how to code this
  2. I am very new to Java and I wanted to learn how to code armor to give potion effects to the player when worn. The armor itself is already implemented, the giving potion effects part is the only thing missing because I do not know how.
  3. Hi, how do I organize items on a Creative Tab. I am very new to coding so a little bit more explanation would really help, thanks!
  4. I just wanna ask if there's a limit when making a new tool tier. I tried to set the efficiency of my tool to 18 (Gold having the highest in Vanilla at 10) but still having the same speed as gold. Can anyone explain if there is a limit in the value of Efficiency in tools? REDSTONE(2, 190, 18.0F, 2.5F, 6, () -> { return Ingredient.fromItems(Items.REDSTONE_BLOCK); }) Here is the code I used, the third value is the effeciency of the tool, and it isn't faster than gold, diamond, and netherite tools.
  5. God I forgot that my IDE tells me that a class is unused, it's gray and I didn't catch it. Thanks!!!
  6. The stairs have no states (facing, half, shape) when placed in world, so the textures doesn't render properly.
  7. I have fixed the wall connection, I just added my wall to the vanilla tag "walls". I have also fixed the slab one, I mistyped my blockstate json file. The stair block is the only problem I have now.
  8. I have created the stair, slab and wall blocks and items properly. I just don't know how to put the necessary states of these blocks for the json file to work. All the texture are in the correct directory, the blocks render properly in the intventory. The problem just comesup when the blocks are placed. The walls render correctly, it just doesn't connect with each other. Here are the classes for stairs, slabs, and walls. https://github.com/winkeyface14/VanillaExpansion/blob/master/src/main/java/com/winkeyface14/vanillaexpansion/blocks/QuartzFamilySlab.java https://github.com/winkeyface14/VanillaExpansion/blob/master/src/main/java/com/winkeyface14/vanillaexpansion/blocks/QuartzFamilyStairs.java https://github.com/winkeyface14/VanillaExpansion/blob/master/src/main/java/com/winkeyface14/vanillaexpansion/blocks/QuartzFamilyWall.java
  9. do I have to change anything else besides HORIZONTAL_FACING Update: Oh I got it thanks!!!
  10. I wanted to a block that acts like a barrel in terms of how it shows it textures. I do not know what properties should be added, I have this going but it only works with Horizontal properties (North, South, East, West). I also need to have the facing up and down as w ell.
  11. How do you write a list? I'm sorry I'm new to Java.
  12. Hi, I am very new to Forge and Java. I followed a YouTube tutorial on how to make a mod. I am just curious on how to give a specific order of items in a creative tab that I add and not just dependent on how the mod registers the items through initialization. I hope I would get helpful answers and Thank you in advance.
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