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  1. I have these lines of code in my custom TileEntityRenderer: public void render(MyTileEntity tile, float partialTicks, MatrixStack matrix, IRenderTypeBuffer buffer, int light, int overlay) { ItemStack stack = tile.getWantingItem(); if (!stack.isEmpty()) { matrix.pushPose(); matrix.translate(0.5D, 1.6D, 0.5D); matrix.scale(0.9f, 0.9f, 0.9f); matrix.mulPose(Vector3f.YP.rotationDegrees(degrees++ / 2)); renderItem(stack, matrix, buffer, light); matrix.popPose(); } } private void renderItem(ItemStack stack, MatrixStack matrix, IRenderT
  2. I actually tried FogColors before FogDensity. Still no luck.
  3. I found the problem. It turns out to be an external library I declared in build.gradle. When I removed the dependency and compile, the mod finally runs in client.
  4. I'm still trying to fix it. I duped my project and now trying to run/compile with minimal modification.
  5. I just went to search for more and I came across this Although it is for 1.8, I'm suspecting this is causing the issue.
  6. I make my mod with IntelliJ and runClient didn't tell me any issue. However, after I build the mod using gradlew build and run it on Forge 36.1.0, it cannot load into world with the mod as it says datapack error. I looked at the log, and the error originates from RecipeManager.fromJson and it's an AbstractMethodError. I noticed that it is about my recipe serializer, so I tried a lot of stuff with it. It runs well on IntelliJ without any error or datapack warning, but when it comes to a Forge profile (36.1.0), it just emits error when loading into worlds, including world creation. I h
  7. After looking around a little more, I found the way to use custom chunk generator in the nether. It turns out ForgeWorldType.IChunkGeneratorFactory has a method like this (Note: I'm using official mappings): default DimensionGeneratorSettings createSettings(DynamicRegistries dynamicRegistries, long seed, boolean generateStructures, boolean bonusChest, String generatorSettings) { Registry<Biome> biomeRegistry = dynamicRegistries.registryOrThrow(Registry.BIOME_REGISTRY); Registry<DimensionType> dimensionTypeRegistry = dynamicRegistries.registryOrThrow(Registry.DIMENS
  8. Thank you for giving me examples, will definitely try it very soon. And by "remove all other terrains", I mean I want nether biomes to generate on islands, like in the end (but smaller). Also about the DimensionSettings thing, I would actually like to override the chunk generator of the nether instead so I can take full control about the nether generation. Is there any way to achieve this?
  9. I want to make the nether only generates features like fortresses, bastions but not bones, and remove all other terrains and the bedrock roof while still keeping the biomes and lava. The problem is that I don't even know how I can edit them.
  10. The latter. My world type generates a Skyblock world with overworld biome provider and custom chunk generator that generates nothing except the island.
  11. I have created a custom world type extending ForgeWorldType. It shows up in the create world screen, and it generates properly. However, I would like to override the nether generation. How can I do that?
  12. Here's my current code: @SubscribeEvent public static void renderFogDensity(final EntityViewRenderEvent.FogDensity event) { PlayerEntity player = Minecraft.getInstance().player; if (player == null) return; event.setCanceled(true); event.setDensity(0); RenderSystem.fogMode(GlStateManager.FogMode.EXP2); } Tested with/without fogMode, setting density between 0-1 and the bottom half of the sky is still black (when 0). When set to 1, I can't see a thing.
  13. Cancelled it: @SubscribeEvent public static void renderFogDensity(final EntityViewRenderEvent.FogDensity event) { PlayerEntity player = Minecraft.getInstance().player; if (player == null) return; event.setCanceled(true); } And it didn't disappear
  14. When going under y63 or something, the bottom half of the sky turns black. Is there a way to disable that?
  15. Thank you. I think this may actually help me to find out what to do.
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