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  1. Most recent version show the world's version in quit visible red font so unless you do not pay attention this isn't rly an issue. Also just to be sure i was not missing something... I do not know in which version it lost this ability but (atleast with 1.16.1) YOU CANNOT USE mods/1.16.1/*mods* anymore So the quick F.A.Q on the "Read first" post is a bit outdated. What i understand from your reply is it's just double edge sword, there will always be draw back if not used correctly. (RE)adding this feature has no draw back however. It's up to the user to still split every game version and waste ton of hard drive space. Some version of minecraft has the same option.exe layout, so making let's say 1.14.4 & 1.15.2 into the same game directory wont be an issue for the game setting.
  2. I made this suggestion in Fabric's discord as well *YES I KNOW THERE IS ALREADY MOD/(VERSION) WITH FORGE BUT WHAT I'M SUGGESTING IS NOT A THING YET... Currently looking if future Forge Loader could have a primary mod folder directory and if none present fallback to the vanilla way... I am aware and already using The: To work around this issue and free up hard drive space the following behavior Forge Loader could use is: If both Forge and Fabric would implement this behavior then it would make both easily compatible without the need to make a game directory for each version. *Understandably this would probably take some time for you guys to do so because that would require to update each forge's version
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