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  1. Ah yeah, that'll probably why then lol, I'll take a look
  2. TileEntity (Copied from the vanilla Campfire (Changed references of campfire to my own)): https://pastebin.com/n7eQTjUa TileEntityRenderer (Again copied from the vanilla Campfire (Changed references of campfire to my own)): https://pastebin.com/9xLm4TjG And the Block just in case you need it (Again changed and updated references): https://pastebin.com/vk7AXrZK
  3. I think so: I have this line inside of my ClienProxy class (inside the FMLClientSetupEvent) which gets called on the EventBus ClientRegistry.bindTileEntityRenderer(TileEntityList.CAMPFIRE.get(), PurpleCampfireTileEntityRenderer::new);
  4. Yeah, I realised I made a mistake, I put the json file in my area for tags instead of the minecraft area. The TER still doesn't work though
  5. Right so the cooking works now, the only problems now are the TER doesn't work, and I can't extinguish it with a shovel/re-light it
  6. Which is why I made my own classes instead of using the vanilla ones (only using the recipe and particle), but that didn't work Okay, I can see hasTileEntity, but getTileEntity doesn't seem to be there
  7. Right, well before you said that I copied the classes from the normal campfire - CampfireBlock, CampfireTileEntity, CampfireTileEntityRenderer, but changed them to my own names, and also changed any instance of CampfireBlock, CampfireTileEntity, CampfireTileEntityRenderer to my own, instead of the vanilla ones, hoping that this would work, as then the block would be a separate thing. The smoke works now, but nothing else does 😂 Not sure what I'm doing now. Not sure I should have done that lol, what do you mean by that?
  8. Okay, so I've added the Tile entity and the tile entity renderer here: TileEntityInit: public static final DeferredRegister<TileEntityType<?>> TILE_ENTITY = DeferredRegister .create(ForgeRegistries.TILE_ENTITIES, Reference.MOD_ID); public static final RegistryObject<TileEntityType<CampfireTileEntity>> CAMPFIRE = TILE_ENTITY.register("purple_campfire", () -> TileEntityType.Builder.create(CampfireTileEntity::new, BlockList.PURPLE_CAMPFIRE.get()).build(null)); ClientProxy / FMLClientSetupEvent ClientRegistry.bindTileEntityRenderer(TileEntityInit.CAMPFIRE.get(), CampfireTileEntityRenderer::new); I've registered the TILE_ENTITY DeferredRegister to the event bus so it works (I have other Tile Entities now so that is registered correctly). Still no change
  9. So I just created a custom purple campfire. I have a few problems I've registered the block (Code attached to the bottom). But for some reason it doesn't act like a campfire at all. The problems are that there is: no smoke no recipes working (the items stay raw) the inputted items don't render on the block the campfire doesn't re-light (with flint and steel) after it is put out public static final RegistryObject<Block> PURPLE_CAMPFIRE = BLOCKS.register("purple_campfire", () -> new CampfireBlock(false, 3, AbstractBlock.Properties.create(Material.WOOD, MaterialColor.OBSIDIAN) .hardnessAndResistance(2.0F) .sound(SoundType.WOOD) .setLightLevel(getLightValueLit(10)) .notSolid())); private static ToIntFunction<BlockState> getLightValueLit(int lightValue) { return (block) -> { return block.get(BlockStateProperties.LIT) ? lightValue : 0; }; }
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