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  1. So recently I was working on my mod that adds custom potions. I did manage to make the effect by watching tutorials but couldn't figure out how to add the performEffect so the effect does nothing currently. Any help? ↓Code that registers it(Main)↓ @SubscribeEvent public static void onEffectsRegistry(final RegistryEvent.Register<Effect> effectRegistryEvent) { // register a new effect here LOGGER.info("HELLO from Register Effect"); effectRegistryEvent.getRegistry().registerAll( PotionList.biaseffect = new PotionList.BiasEffect(EffectType.BENEFICIAL, 14981690) .setRegistryName(new ResourceLocation(MOD_ID, "bias_effect")) ); } ↓Effect Class(PotionList)↓ public static class BiasEffect extends Effect { @Override public void performEffect(LivingEntity entityLivingBaseIn, int amplifier) { super.performEffect(entityLivingBaseIn, amplifier); LOGGER.info("yes"); } public BiasEffect(EffectType typeIn, int liquidColorIn){ super(typeIn, liquidColorIn); } }
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