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  1. This will automatically change the skull texture too? Or how can I modify it?
  2. Okay. What happens if I have a Steve type skin and then I replace it with an Alex type? Simply change skinType from “default” to “slim”?
  3. AbstractClientPlayerEntity.getPlayerInfo()? Because I can’t find AbstractClientPlayer in 1.16.3. I need the NetworkPlayerInfo#playerTextures field?
  4. Hello. Is there any way in Forge 1.16.3 to replace only the skin without cancel the whole model render and make my own? I found a small and old mod which uses some reflection ({"getPlayerInfo", "func_175155_b"}, {"playerTextures", "field_187107_a"}), AbstractClientPlayer, NetworkPlayerInfo, ThreadDownloadImageData, IImageBuffer. These things are in Forge 1.16.3 too? Because I can’t find them.
  5. Hello. I found that some servers can add custom swords into the game (not replace default ones) without a Forge server. They are using a client-side only mod or a resource pack. How this possible? Version: latest 1.16.3 Forge
  6. Hello. I would like to create a button that connects you to a server. When you press it, it opens an URL and gets the IP address of the server. I would like to make this async (otherwise it freezes the screen). The problem is that ConnectingScreen can be only opened from the main thread. Is there any way to jump back to the main thread after the async task finished? Thanks for your answer.
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