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  1. there is also a mod API planned for minecraft, does that mean you are stopping development of forge? >_> sorry for the sarcasm, but if an ID management system is added to minecraft, it would only be needed for mods, so would be part of the mod API, so untill that is finished, i dont see why forge cant do that job (just like its already doing lots of jobs the mod API will eventually do)
  2. my apoligies if that is indeed the case, but as i saw no topic on this forum about it, i thought it worth a shot may i atleast ask if it is on the to-to list, or if not, why this is not so? (seeing as for a minecraft mod API of forge's size, it would be almost mandatory)
  3. it would seem to me that this would be something very usefull to have in forge the idea is to have a single file that contains a list of all mod blocks from installed mods, and the ID's they have been assigned on top of this, forge could then auto-assign ID's when a mod is installed, because it already knows the ones in use (if all mods use this) further, in heavy server installations, only a single config file would have to be given to clients to make every mod work my idea to make this work properly is based on the idea that every mod gives each item/block a unique name when asking forge to assign it an ID this unique name i would suggest to be something like <modder>.<modname>.<randomnumber> (where <modder> is their MC id) that way forge would be able to re-assign ID's to existing mods simply by linking the unique name to the block/item ID in the global config if this was added to forge, it should in theory be able to remove all incompatibility issues between forge-based mods Edit: this idea would also work for GUI's in order to prevent incompatibility with those
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