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  1. i keep getting this error when running my mod, "Reference to undefined variable MC_VERSION". im running version 1.12.2 which i think i heard isn't supported here anymore but i'm still posting to see if i can get some help as i've looked and asked everywhere and just cannot find out how to fix this problem. would be incredible if someone could help, thank you.
  2. Hi, so im new to using forge for modding, but when i used mcp i was able to change the original minecraft folders. Basically i want to change the GuiButton, but im not able to edit any of the original minecraft files. On mcp i could just click on GuiButton.java and do what i wanteed with it, but now its GuiButton.class and im not able to edit it. Is there any way of editing this file, and any of the other mineraft files or no? If not is there any other way i can try to have custom gui buttons and what not.
  3. ooooookkkkk i finally got it working, thanks for that last message, helped out a lot. also i only started coding a few months ago but id say im fairly good at it by now, ive just never ran into a problem with this, and i guess i dont have the experience to figure it out on my own, sorry about that and thank you for your help.
  4. yes i have read over the readme plenty of times, but im not sure what to do after step 4 which is why i tried to look up tutorials, it says "Open Project > Run/Debug Settings > Edit runClient and runServer > Environment" but i dont know where "open project" is or any of those things. i also tried doing the first option for step 4, but it brings up "gradle tasks"... im not sure what to do there.
  5. oh i mean its probably not that hard, i just cant figure it out, everyones tutorials are how to do it on intellij, and the people that do it on eclipse either use some different command, (decomp workspace or something) that doesent work with me, or they do everything i do and then launch eclipse into an "eclipse" folder that i dont have, nothing seems to work for me the way it does for other people. and for mcp they do it so u just copy the files into a folder than decompile, than it just works, which is way easier than this.
  6. yup i am now, its just really hard to set it up, but im trying to figure it out
  7. he uses intellij, im using eclipse, i dont think they work the same cause when i open my src, like he does in the begging, there is no build.gradle
  8. hey so im trying to make a mod, but i cant get into eclipse with forge. im following this tutorial - ... at 12:17 he launches into eclipse folder. i do not have an eclipse folder even tough i have done everything he has done
  9. oh yea wow, that makes no sense, what the point of making something for people to make mods just to not let them make mods lol
  10. so im currently using mcp, but someone told me its illgeal to redistribute it, is that true?
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