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  1. Lol! Except that that doesn't work! It ONLY works if you include registering your global ID. IE: LurkingTerrorID = 182; EntityRegistry.registerGlobalEntityID(LurkingTerror.class, "Lurking Terror", LurkingTerrorID); EntityRegistry.registerModEntity(LurkingTerror.class, "Lurking Terror", LurkingTerrorID, this, 64, 1, false); Try learning your own code. Sheesh. And you expect me to sort through all this spaghetti and try to figure out which is old moldy crap, and which is the "new and improved" way of doing things??? Yeah, sure, I'll just read the NON-EXISTEN
  2. Y'all are almost as bad as Mojang... Yep. They refuse to fix their bugs too. I looked at EntityRegistry. It is NOT self explanatory. It would appear, from testing and trial and error (because I could NOT find an example of the proper way to create/spawn mobs anywhere!!!!), that this: GoldFishID = EntityRegistry.findGlobalUniqueEntityId(); EntityRegistry.registerGlobalEntityID(GoldFish.class, "GoldFish", GoldFishID, 0xddffdd, 0x669955); EntityRegistry.registerModEntity(GoldFish.class, "GoldFish", GoldFishID, this, 64, 1, false); is at least one way that appears to function
  3. Lol! Actually, I discovered that more than 30 years ago. Seems the folks at Minecraft still haven't... It's actually a bug in their code, as they expect the compiler to do things in a different order than it actually does them... The offending line, from Packet24MobSpawn.java: this.type = par1DataInput.readByte() & 255; The compiler reads the byte, ANDs it with 255, and THEN converts it to an integer. Obviously they intended it the other way around. On a side note, yes, I had filed a bug report with minecraft detailing the problem, and they did in fact blow it off.
  4. Ddiesieben07: Doesn't matter. I've already gotten into it with y'all and told you how to do it. That you won't, is a personal problem, that unfortunately, we all have to suffer with. MasterAbdoTGM50: Yes. There is. It is simple. It is easy. Everything is world-based and a slave of the server running that world. When you want an item id, you give the server a name to associate with it. The server appends the name of your mod to the item name, and returns you a world-unique id. It then records that pair for the world. This is, of course, only done for a brand new world. For an e
  5. Except that any number I pick over 127 is going to end up negative when sent over the network interface. findGlobalUniqueEntityId() returns the correct value of 128. par1Packet24MobSpawn.type is wrong, at -128. So, somewhere between when I get a correct positive 128, and send it accross the net, and the other side tries to spawn it, it becomes a negative 128. I have no way to bypass all that crap. In other words, even if I picked arbitrary numbers myself, it would still fuck it up. It's a bug. Please fix...
  6. Still happens in Forge 942. Here is a bit more info... From NetClientHandler.java: System.out.printf("Spawning entity %d\n", par1Packet24MobSpawn.type ); EntityLivingBase entitylivingbase = (EntityLivingBase)EntityList.createEntityByID(par1Packet24MobSpawn.type, this.mc.theWorld); entitylivingbase.serverPosX = par1Packet24MobSpawn.xPosition; (THIS IS WHERE THE NULL ptr CRASH occurs) produces "Spawning entity -128" (the ID returned from findGlobalUniqueEntityId() was +128!!! How did it end up negative across the net???) Adding the line:
  7. Yes, I have a ridiculous number of entities. More than 50. I lost count. It's the OreSpawn mod. Tons and tons of critters... And yet, I'm trying to add a few more! PROBLEM: EntityID 128 does not work. It crashes. Everything below that is fine. Anything 128 and up, goes splat. From my log: 2013-11-03 09:36:40 [iNFO] [sTDOUT] Small Worm ID = 124 2013-11-03 09:36:40 [iNFO] [sTDOUT] Cloud Shark ID = 128 Worm and Cassowary(127) are fine. Cloud Shark and Gold Fish(129) both crash. From the Minecraft log: ---- Minecraft Crash Report ---- // There are four light
  8. Lol! server.properties: allow_nether = false That was the problem. Would have been nice to see a message or something! Changed false to true, and poof! It all works again...
  9. Hi! Same old dimension switching code I've had forever.... It works fine in eclipse when I run multiplayer. It works fine in eclipse in single user. It works fine in regular single user outside of eclipse too. In Forge 916, on a real multiplayer server, it doesn't work any more... Basically, the player gets stuck in a blue limbo with clouds. Nothing else. Just blue limbo with clouds in the sky. Can't move. Can't do anything. Before bothering you all with line after line of code... Has anyone else seen this and know the general problem? Can you give me a clue whe
  10. But that's not the point, is it. You get SOURCE CODE from mcp. Patch it. I know you can. I see patches fly by the screen all the time. Make those block/item/whatever arrays a LOT longer. And give us auto-conflict-resolution. I know you can! C'mon.... You can do it... Go for it! Be a hero and make everyone's headaches go away! "No more item conflicts! Hurray for Forge! Hip hip Hooray!" Seriously. Quit dawdling around and fix it. 'Nuff said. Good luck!
  11. If there is a conflict resolver to do this, then certainly the code masters at Forge can do this too... AND make it simpler and easier...
  12. 4000 item/blockids is more than enough. You can do it. I know you can. Even if MC won't add a few extra item slots. SERVERS are no problem at all, since the client ONLY loads item/blockids for the mods on the World it connects to. In other words, the server determines the itemids in use. These are easily sent to the client. Personally, I've got a couple hundred (3 hundred+) item/blockids I actually use. I've lost count. But even that leaves roughly 3000 itemids, or room for 6 more monstrous mods, or a whole shitload of little ones. Stop making excuses. Players are
  13. That's what I thought. And therein lies the problem. You see, FORGE PROMISED to make this problem go away about A YEAR AGO. It was the reason that I selected forge for my modding platform. It is/was one of the primary reasons that Forge exists. WHY IS IT NOT FIXED? Nothing personal here, and my comments are probably not directed at any of the nice folks replying here... But FORGE as a whole, deserves this: (close your eyes if this does not apply to you) GET THE F*** OFF YOUR A**ES AND FIX THE G*DD*MNED PROBLEM! (ok, open your eyes now) It is NOT difficult.
  14. How do I get a unique blockID/itemID that no other mod is using? I don't see it in the code anywhere...
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