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  1. I got this error after adding a couple mods to my already huge modpack, and i think it has to do with me needing to update the forge version to accommodate the new mods. However, even after I removed the mod that seemed to be causing the error (dungeon crawl) it just gives me random errors. Both debug and latest log are too big for pastebin, and forge won't let me upload them. Any tips about that?
  2. say i deleted the mod that was causing the problem, would it reset immediately? or would i have to delete all of its data?
  3. that image was just an example, and not actually mine, the video is though. also i have 300 mods and therefore that would be pretty hard to go through all of them
  4. yes i know that, but how can i find the mod that deletes the loot tables? and i don't use 9minecraft, i use curseforge.
  5. When i open loot chests, from what i found mostly in nether fortresses, villages, and dungeons, there is just nothing there. it also seemed to have happened in quark chests found in caves. i used the "One Box" shown below, and village loot was just gone. the /loot command did work, and for some reason village blacksmith loot still existed, but basic village loot was gone. I believe that a mod was doing this, but when i removed a suspect one nothing changed. are there any commands or files i can delete to reset loot tables? [removed image from reposting site - diesieben07]
  6. https://justpaste.it/57u6b. some mods seem to have deleted loot tables, including dungeons and villages (chests). any fixes?
  7. 2020-08-28-3.log.gzCertain mods, though i don;t know their names, remove basic loot tables such as nether loot. I believed it to be Explorer craft doing it but when deleted nothing was fixed. from this conversation on silent's mods: https://github.com/SilentChaos512/SilentGems/issues/414, it seems that any loot changing mod could do this, but it has never happened to me before, and most of the mods in my modpack have been played before with no consequences.
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