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  1. Alright so as the Title reads, I am looking for a modder who can adjust the direction of gravity. I don't know exactly what the price range is on these sort of things, but I'm thinking between €50 - €100 (but if it's more we can discuss later) I know there currently is a mod called ''up, down and all around'' for 1.12.2. But not only do you need a permanent item in your inventory, you are also stuck to one side. I am looking for something very similar to the ''Starminer'' mod for 1.7.10. Specifically within the mod, I am looking for a current version of the ''Gravity Wall'' block. So yes, a mod that is just the Gravity Wall. (It's a semi-see through carpet like block that can be placed on all sides) (When a player gets close, it causes them to change gravity to the side of the Gravity Wall) (Once the player steps off of the Gravity Wall, their gravity will reset after a second( just like a potion effect given by a block)) I am looking for a modder that can replicate this, as well as create a second type of the Gravity Wall (Red Gravity Wall) that basically sets gravity until another Gravity Wall. Also I would like for this to simply be compatible with Forge, with no API side mods, and for it to work with the latest version of minecraft. (1.16.2) The idea for it is to be a building tool only, either for crazy parkour maps, or to start survival with certain gravity. So no survival recipes or new creative tabs are needed. To be very specific, these are the features I want in the mod. - Only the player has to interact with the Gravity Walls - The mod should be Multiplayer compatible - The Gravity Wall should work simmilar or exacty the same to those in the Starminer mod - The Red Gravity Wall should set gravity instead of give gravity, when walking off of these, gravity is kept instead of reset - Gravity given by a Red Gravity Wall should be kept through portals - The player should not be able to mount entities such as a Horse, while under affect of a gravity wall
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