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  1. So I have created a new crafting block (I do not know if is works), but everytime I click on the block my game crashes and gives me an error along the lines of YourContainer cannot cast to net.minecraft.client.gui.GuiScreen My Source: https://github.com/MHPage12/MechCraftSRC Full Error Report: http://pastebin.com/Ev2wg5EA Thanks in advance to any help.
  2. It would possibly make sense considering this will not be like the normal blocky armor yet it will have curves and what not. So then I would have to use the advanced model renderer in the new Forge. I would think so though?
  3. I take it I will also have to create a custom render for it as well?
  4. Does anyone know where Minecraft renders its armor so I can create a custom model for it? Like machinemuse's power armor.
  5. What do you want? I said I could provide anything.
  6. It is because it is skipping the entity id for my object odd. Maybe I change my register than.
  7. Any files can be provided. I really need help no idea why this is happening.
  8. So well I have created super glitch. When the player activates a block he spawns an entity in its position and the mounts the entity. Although when he mounts the entity the entire world goes invisible and the only thing you see is the player now in the steve skin (checked by making sure it was my skin for the player) and in the sitting position. if you look in the third person facing player and scroll down so you are looking down you can kinda make out the transparency of a few small blocks below it. Any idea why this is happening.
  9. Well figured out a little bit of it. Now the problem is when the player sits he falls through the world.
  10. Is it that I need a new render for my entity?
  11. Alright so when I call the onBlockActivated I spawn the entity, yet when I try to mount it nothing happens, but the continuous right clicking of the player. Here are my codes. BlockClass: http://paste.minecraftforge.net/view/5ec66a4a MainClass: http://paste.minecraftforge.net/view/2a2d7e47 Entity: http://paste.minecraftforge.net/view/93d72395 (oops no title) I think it is because I need to do a new render for the entity could someone confirm or deny this?
  12. In a way like sand when it is turned into the falling sand entity after a block disappears under it thanks!
  13. Anyone have any idea about how I could go about making a block mountable by entity like in mrcrayfish's furniture mod?
  14. Whatever I got help from a person who was nice because by the way if you read the question more thoroughly I was just confused on how it placed both the head and foot of the block when using the item. Thank You for nothing.
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