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  1. Hello In the mod I want to find a way to get entities in the direction the player is looking by a couple of blocks or get entities that are in front of the player and deal damage to them. I am able to figure out how to get entities surrounding the player using getEntitiesWithinAABB but I don't know where to start for in front of the player. Please help
  2. I got it working fine now for anyone wanting to know in the future https://paste.ofcode.org/w4JLNFTzFmb4dgPMP5V2Jm
  3. https://paste.ofcode.org/Xt9uSpPpCyCfXTzgS4euxz didnt know how the argument constructors were going to be added so i just left it the same but took out the slashes
  4. For the type someone on a discord server told me that, I knew it was fishy. Another will the resource location make it the black bar. Also i just get the hunger wave on the black bar, so i don't think there is a black bar over it but the hunger texture was replaced with a black bar.
  5. Very sorry about that https://paste.ofcode.org/Q6i48j5uGRNEW9zS3sdCeE
  6. the black bar over the hunger bar
  7. How would I fix this problem
  8. oh welp good thing i didnt can i ask why not tho
  9. Im so special i didn't realize Minecraft was a class and i had to do mc = new Minecraft(); but i dont even have to make it a variable, I could just use Minecraft. Now the hunger bar has a black box ever it. http://paste.ofcode.org/XJk5hNpygrZrEpML4tD9db
  10. I have that field because mc always comes with an error without the field being there http://paste.ofcode.org/ZGLffeGhB56xQNjaVugeQZ I made the method static according to the documentation i think but when i run the code and cant load into my world.
  11. I think i did everything right but no ui https://paste.ofcode.org/8X8FvWyEX9B8Hgx8dnWFWK
  12. I tried these two. They were the only thing i could make out from the code. Is there another class that i need to make because i have no client side classes. https://paste.ofcode.org/g35fDUw9bXjU9RWjQH65M8 https://paste.ofcode.org/LSdfruwADcP6uXzNVTzjgK
  13. So I tried to do that but I got really confused and didn't know how it worked or where to start.
  14. so far i tried https://paste.ofcode.org/EQGtTrNJhGgvg2hPt77MeS and I have been adding random things like "mc.getTextureManager().bindTexture();"
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