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  1. Hello, I am wondering is there any event that triggers on item durability loss? If not, any other way to run code when item durability is lost?
  2. Hello i was wondering if theres any good documented way to add a boat
  3. Hello i would like to know how to make a custom sign for my wood but vanilla code dosent work
  4. How do i increase a player's mining speed using an attribute modifier?
  5. Hello i am wondering how to change entity speed for all entities in the world
  6. @SubscribeEvent public void cancelPlayerRender(RenderPlayerEvent.Pre event){ event.setCanceled(true); } i guess this can cancel the model render, now how do i render a custom model
  7. Actually I Want to make the playermodel into a custom model
  8. I want to change the playermodel to a bat model
  9. Ok, So where do i register it?
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