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  1. how would i do that i reached here: @SubscribeEvent public static void command(CommandEvent event){ event.getParseResults().getReader(); new ImmutableStringReader().getRead(); } but its giving me an error that i need to implement methods for the ImmutableString reader. and i dont know alot about commands in forge. Thanks!
  2. I havent tried anything because i havent figured out anything
  3. Im trying to cancel a /give command based on what it contains for example if its /give @p minecraft:diamond i want it to be canceled but if it is /give @p minecraft:dirt i don't want it to i have tried messing around with the CommandEvent but got nowhere with that. Thanks for your time!
  4. is there a way to remove a player's hand while in first person but not all the content as f1 does just remove the player's hand and only when in first person
  5. yes but it requires the pos which ik but it also requires the blockstates which idk how to set
  6. How do i use the event.getWorld().setBlockState to change the targeted block?
  7. this didnt work but idk what is wrong with it
  8. and then i check if it equals the blockstate of the block correct?
  9. but can you help me with checking because i dont know how to check it using the getWorld(), i got the position as a string using event.getPos().getCoordinateAsString;
  10. So i check the block position then i use the .getWorld() to check what the block type is correct?
  11. How can i use this event: to determin which block is being targeted? I tried using the event.getUseBlock() but it doesnt work thanks!
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