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  1. I am trying to turn my 1.16.4 mod into a 1.16.5 mod but I am updating BlockInit and I realized that .hardnessAndResistance is giving me an error and I can't find the fix. Thanks!
  2. No just like a crater where he used to be and you can take explosion damage by it
  3. I am coding custom events on 1.16.1 and want when I hit a sheep I want the sheep explodes, does anyone know how to do this? Thanks
  4. I have been making some custom events and while using the commands target.setFire(1); I saw target.setPartying. It seems like a really funny property that I wan't to check out what it does but I can't get it working. Here is my exact command line but it doesn't work target.setPartying(1, true); What does it mean? Thanks
  5. Hi, I really need help making a custom sword crafting recipe. I am aware of how to make a crafting recipe that fills up all the crafting spaces but not how to make one that does fill up all the crafting table spaces Thanks!😀
  6. Hey! I'm trying to make a custom potion, however I can't find any updated tutorials anywhere. I can only find tutorials on how to give players existing potion effects. Anyone know how?
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