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  1. Hi, I play on my own custom modpack in singleplayer, I have been playing on it for around a week, I have quite a few mods on there, however my minecraft always crashes when I try to load into my world. I don't want to start a new world because I've done so much with all the different mods. I think the problem is with the MineJurassic mod with a particular block but I'm unsure. I have tried allocating more memory but it's still the same issue. I receive this message when the game crashes: The game crashed whilst ticking memory connection Error: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException:
  2. Hi, it's my first time posting here. Hope everyone is doing well and a brief thank you to the people working to help others solve their issues. I have a 1.15.2 minecraft server with serverminer. I use Forge 31.2.36 on both the server and my client. 2 Days ago when I last logged I had about 30 mods and me and my sisters have been playing completely fine with all of those. I deleted a Bones mod because it made the server lag, and my server still worked fine after. I then umm, decided to add about 20 more mods to spice up the gameplay... and I get the pesky message 'Failed to synchronize reg
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