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  1. Thanks man, you just made my day (I wouldn't have though of that... I am actually just learning SMP )
  2. I am not sure if it's related to minecraftforge, but my problem is, i have a private variable in my tileEntity that saves the direction, i have a getter and setter for it, and all works fine. But when I reload the world it returns 0, but only when called through the getBlockTexture Method, i made a check in the Block Activaton Method, and that one returns the right number. Can anyone help me? The TileEntity: The Block:
  3. I now got it to work by adding 1 method and updating the light renderer: public int getLightValue(IBlockAccess world,int x,int y,int z){ TileEntityBFurnace tebf=getTileEntityaround(world,x,y,z); if (tebf!=null){ if (tebf.isActive){ return 14; } } return 0; } /** * Returns one of the TileEntityBFurnace around it. * Args: IBlockAccess,x,y,z */ private TileEntityBFurnace getTileEntityaround(IBlockAccess world,int x,int y,int z){ TileEntity te[]={world.getBlockTileEntity(x, y, z) ,world.getBlockTileEntity(x+1, y, z) ,world.getBlockTileEntity(x-1, y, z) ,world.getBlockTileEntity(x, y+1, z) ,world.getBlockTileEntity(x, y-1, z) ,world.getBlockTileEntity(x, y, z+1) ,world.getBlockTileEntity(x, y, z-1)}; int i=0; while(i<te.length){ if ((te[i]!=null) && (te[i] instanceof TileEntityBFurnace)){ return (TileEntityBFurnace) te[i]; } i++; } return null; } in my Block file, because you have to tell the light level to the blocks around it too, and then called this.worldObj.updateAllLightTypes(xCoord, yCoord, zCoord); in my TileEntity on activation and deactivation Just so everyone knows who wants to make a similar thing
  4. It's as I say, I tried to update it but it didn't even give me light then (as i said.) I don't want to know how to fix my problem, i need someone telling me how to add light values based on a tileEntity.
  5. Tried it, but it didn't work. Please help, nothing is working. :'(
  6. Hello everyone, I lastly tried to make my mod with some custom furnaces into 1 BlockId. Everything works fine for now except for changing the light level. I tried it with a MinecraftForge method already: public int getLightValue(IBlockAccess world,int x,int y,int z){ TileEntityBFurnace tebf=(TileEntityBFurnace) world.getBlockTileEntity( x, y, z); if (tebf!=null){ if (tebf.isActive){ return 14; } } return 0; } But it doesn't make light at all... I tried to add a System.out.println() to show me if there'S no tileEntity, and then I get a ton of text saying there is not even a TileEntity there. So, now I am totally confused. Please help me, by telling me either how to do it, or how this method is supposed to be used. Thanks, froschi3b
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