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  1. Ok i read the logs but i dont understand what you want me to do
  2. I have not used any other site than curseforge and the official forge site. But i still ran a virus scan and there was no threats. So i dont know whats the problem here.
  3. I dont understand what i should do. Forge works perfectly fine on my laptop and my friends computer even tho mine is a bit better (no offense to him)
  4. Everytime I go to minecraft launcher and try to launch forge 1.16.2. It always says game crashed. I have uninstalled it and installed it again, doesnt work. It doesnt even work in other versions. I have no mods on the folder have tried with 1.16.2 mods in the folder but still doesnt work. And i have the latest version of java forge and minecraft launcher. Please, someone help.
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