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  1. Multiple individuals use the same modpack, including me, and it works fine for us, but when he tries loading forge with those mods installed, it freezes.
  2. Apparently now he can load the game without mods, but it freezes with mods.
  3. Hello! My friend has been having an issue in which he cannot load forge fully on 1.16.1. It loads almost all the way, and then gets stuck on something about "shulker box png", and then it will crash a short while later with the error "exit 0". We have tried deleting the fml and forge client toml files and the mod folder is empty. We have also tried reinstalling forge. As I am stumped, I came here to request some assistance. Latest log and debug log are attached. debug: https://pastebin.com/mixRLdBn latest: https://pastebin.com/tPPNe2jY
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