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  1. Ive tried to disable Foamfix but im not exactly sure where it is like thers a file in config called foam fix with the next info: # Configuration file client { # Clears caches on world unload a bit faster than usual. Prevents temporary memory leaks. More effective in Anarchy. [default: true] B:clearCachesOnWorldUnload=true # Clears the baked models generated in the first pass *before* entering the second pass, instead of *after*. While this doesn't reduce memory usage in-game, it does reduce it noticeably during loading. [default: true] B:clearDuplicateModelRegistry=true # Deduplicates IModels too. Takes a few seconds more, but shaves off another bit of RAM. [default: true] B:deduplicateModelBakers=true # Deduplicates baked models. The original feature. [default: true] B:deduplicateModels=true # The maximum amount of levels of recursion for the deduplication process. Smaller values will deduplicate less data, but make the process run faster. [default: 9, range: 1-2147483647] I:deduplicateModelsMaxRecursion=9 # Disables texture animations. [default: false] B:disableTextureAnimations=false # Initialize the options.txt and forge.cfg files with rendering performance-friendly defaults if not present. [default: true] B:initOptions=true # Makes vanilla creative tab search use JEI's lookups - saves a lot of RAM *and* gives you fancy JEI features! [default: true] B:jeiCreativeSearch=true # Remove unnecessary data from a pointlessly cached ModelLoader instance. [default: true] B:modelLoaderCleanup=true # Wipes the IModel cache after baking is finished. Saves a lot of RAM, as most IModels will not be reloaded. [default: true] B:wipeModelCache=true } coremod { # Stops certain non-Minecraft-related libraries from being ASM transformed. You shouldn't be transforming those anyway. [default: true] B:blacklistLibraryTransformers=true # Make 3D forms of items be rendered dynamically and cached when necessary. [default: true] B:dynamicItemModels=true # Optimizes ItemStack.isEmpty by removing a map lookup. Initially found by Aikar (Paper/0181). [default: true] B:fasterAirItemLookup=true # Speeds up entity lookup by optimizing ClassInheritanceMultiMap.getByClass. [default: true] B:fasterEntityLookup=true # Speeds up the hopper's calculations. [default: true] B:fasterHopper=true # Optimizes blockstate property equals and hashCode methods. [default: true] B:fasterPropertyComparisons=true # Fixes the server not removing unloaded entities/tile entities if no chunkloaders are active. Thanks to CreativeMD for finding this! [default: true] B:fixWorldEntityCleanup=true # Disables all coremod functionality. [default: false] B:forceDisable=false # The amount of ticks per player presence check for mob spawners. Set to 1 to disable the patch and match vanilla behaviour. [default: 10, range: 1-200] I:mobSpawnerCheckSpeed=10 # Optimizes BlockPos mutable/immutable getters to run on the same variables, letting them be inlined and thus theoretically increasing performance. [default: true] B:optimizedBlockPos=true # Fix a bug in chunk serialization leading to crashes. Originally found and fixed by Aaron1011 of Sponge. [default: true] B:patchChunkSerialization=true # Replaces the default BlockState/ExtendedBlockState implementations with a far more memory-efficient variant. [default: true] B:smallPropertyStorage=true } debug { # Should FoamFix count and list baked models during deduplication, per mod? [default: false] B:countListBakedModels=false } experimental { # Optimizes the backing map for EntityDataManager, saving memory *and* CPU time! May cause issues, however - please test and report back! [default: false] B:fasterEntityDataManager=false # Unpacks all baked quads. Increases RAM usage, but might speed some things up. [default: false] B:unpackBakedQuads=false } general { # Enable deduplication of redundant objects in memory. [default: true] B:deduplicate=true } ghostbuster { # Checks if worlds do not unload after a specified amount of time, and notifies the user if that is the case. [default: true] B:checkNonUnloadedWorldClients=true # The amount of time FoamFix should wait for a world to be deemed non-unloaded. [default: 60, range: 10-3600] I:checkNonUnloadedWorldTimeout=60 # Wrap ChunkProviderServers to be able to provide the /ghostbuster command for debugging ghost chunkloads. [default: false] B:enableDebuggingWrapper=false # For FoamFix debugging/development purposes only. [default: false] B:nonUnloadedWorldsForceGCOnCheck=false # Should beds be prevented from ghost chunkloading? [default: true] B:patchBeds=true # Should the /ghostbuster debugger show neighbor updates? [default: false] B:wrapperShowsNeighborUpdates=false } launchwrapper { # Remove Launchwrapper package manifest map (which is not used anyway). [default: true] B:removePackageManifestMap=true # Weaken LaunchWrapper's byte[] resource cache to make it cleanuppable by the GC. Safe. [default: true] B:weakenResourceCache=true } textures { # If false, disables any patches from this category. [default: true] B:enable=true # Controls the faster animation path. 0 - disable, 2 - force enable, 1 (default) - enable on devices which have been shown to benefit from it. [default: 1, range: 0-2] I:fasterAnimation=1 # The maximum amount of frames an animation can have for it to be cached. If you have a lot of VRAM, set higher. [default: 256, range: 0-2147483647] I:maxAnimationFramesForCache=256 # Set to a number to disable animation updates past that mip level. -1 means update all. Higher numbers update more levels. To disable animation updates altogether, use the option for it. [default: -1, range: -1-4] I:maxAnimationMipLevel=-1 } tweaks { # Prevent redstone from causing light updates by removing its light level. [default: false] B:disableRedstoneLight=false # Do not delay lighting updates over other types of updates. [default: false] B:immediateLightingUpdates=false }
  2. Also now the installer say failed to download when i try to put it in a new folder i am almost sure the problem is with java
  3. i have java 8 update 261 installed mods are in version 1.7.10 or before i made the server but the mods werent in java so it didnt work i updated java and since there it hasnt worked how do i make the start script? thanks for your help
  4. So i wanna make a modded server to play with friends i spent all of yesterday trying to do it but im not that good with files so i missed the mods that needeed to be on java i updated java but now Forge Universal doesnt open and i cant start the server. i am sometimes confused in files so bare with me thanks for the help my best regards
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