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  1. Ive tried to disable Foamfix but im not exactly sure where it is like thers a file in config called foam fix with the next info: # Configuration file client { # Clears caches on world unload a bit faster than usual. Prevents temporary memory leaks. More effective in Anarchy. [default: true] B:clearCachesOnWorldUnload=true # Clears the baked models generated in the first pass *before* entering the second pass, instead of *after*. While this doesn't reduce memory usage in-game, it does reduce it noticeably during loading. [default: true]
  2. Also now the installer say failed to download when i try to put it in a new folder i am almost sure the problem is with java
  3. i have java 8 update 261 installed mods are in version 1.7.10 or before i made the server but the mods werent in java so it didnt work i updated java and since there it hasnt worked how do i make the start script? thanks for your help
  4. So i wanna make a modded server to play with friends i spent all of yesterday trying to do it but im not that good with files so i missed the mods that needeed to be on java i updated java but now Forge Universal doesnt open and i cant start the server. i am sometimes confused in files so bare with me thanks for the help my best regards
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