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  1. How would i find vanilla code in IntelliJ
  2. Also how would you find vanilla code like Beethoven92 suggested.
  3. Yeah, i completely understand. Im happy to learn new things. Thanks for mentioning that, Cadiboo's tutorials are great. Thanks for your help
  4. I have decided to step back from making a tile entity and will start with a simpler mod just to learn new things and methods. Thanks for trying to help.
  5. Im trying to learn java and forge api from scratch I have learnt the basics of java such as function, classes, etc. Unfortunately the forge docs dont show everything (which i admit would be almost impossible) and are complicated. Youtube videos arent that common. I was wondering were do you all go to learn a new line of code when your working on something and you dont know what to use? Also, i accidentally posted in the tutorial forum so admins if you see this im sorry and can you please delete it... Im so sorry.
  6. I ended up finding a video on making a tile entity but when i make a new tile entity class it wont let me make the constructor.
  7. Ok i will have a look into java begginer tutorials. Thanks i'll have a look into tile entity development
  8. I understand what you mean but whenever i have come across a term i dont understand (I know basic C# so im not completely new to programming) i end up searching it up and most of the time that works for me and i dont mind the challenge of learning java while making the mod. If anything it means when i learn something new i can remember it by what i used it for. Ok thanks for telling me, what do you suggest would be a resonable way to do it? Ok thanks but where would this need to be. Would it sit in a class for when the block is placed or does it passively run in all instances of the block.
  9. Hi im very new to forge mdk and have never done java before so im self teaching. Im making a mod that provides a drain and when placed will over time delete water source blocks around it. I want it to delete the water from the top down. So if you have a room full of water it will read the top layer that has water in it and count how many water source block are on that y plane. It will the take the amount of water blocks and times it by something like 3 so that for each block of water in the room, 3 seconds is added to the amount of time required to pass before the water in that y layer is removed. I am unsure how to make the block replace water with air or what function to use. Right now i just want to focus on getting the block to delete water. Sorry if my explanation is unclear. Thanks for the help.
  10. Mostly because i dont want to go get sponges but i understand what you mean lol. Also i kind of want a few drains around the place to make it feel like an underwater base. I downloaded forge mdk and java se 8 along with eclipse to start modding and learn the basics. Im on 1.12.2 because most of the mods i like are only on that version. I wrote a small bit of code, enough to run the mod but i cant find the gradle.start or the build.gradle in the run config. Also i know they are taking down threads to do with 1.12.2 now because its not LTS (Which is annoying) so i was wondering were else i can ask about it for support?
  11. I thought about that but i didnt know how to make it so that when the water around it is gone how to get the water source blocks to move to the ground. But at the same time i have never written a mod so i dont know if that would be hard.
  12. I was just wondering if theres a mod that lets you put a small grate on the ground or something and drains water. Not something that moves the water like buildcraft but just destroys it. Im trying to build an underwater base and want to put drains in the floor.
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