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  1. If anyone else has any suggestions, then go ahead and tell me.
  2. My first idea would be Alien Parasites that, in term, are basically entities in your normal Minecraft world that are found in Hosts, which are mobs that are infected. You can tell if they are, Blue, Green or Black. There's three types, each of them are useful and can be devastating. First one is a Converter. ( Green ) If you get too close to a Infected mob with the Converter or a Converter parasite, they will latch onto you for a while, and you can simply punch them off. If you let them be, they infect you momentarily, bumps on your skin. Soon you will turn into a Cocoon and become one of them
  3. Im looking for people who would like to create mods. I had a couple ideas, and Im wondering if you can create them. Thanks for coming as well. Im also saying this now that I cant create mods, but I have good ideas.
  4. Well, apparently theres Missing Textures from a mod. I dont know what to do.
  5. Its a bit complicated since im a bit young.
  6. Okay, The first thing I did was exactly what you said. And, I downloaded from forage btw. Also! I need to say that thats a good idea for reporting it to the author.
  7. So, I was trying a mod, and its called Magic Doorknobs mod. Its currently in 1.16.1, but when I ever place it down, a Missing texture basically takes place of what its supposed to be. What should I do? Can anyone help? Please? Also, thanks for helping me as well!
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