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  1. There might be a datapack that Forge, Minecraft, etc. installed, but I didn't install any.
  2. Switching the world worked, but now I get an error saying: java.lang.nullpointerexception. Server debug.log and latest.log are attached.
  3. I'll change to a different world and see if that works
  4. When I removed Optifine on the server, the client still told me the server and the client had the same mod lists?! Thanks, optifine always made the logs so much longer. Logs for server and client with java 8; no optifine on server. And no, no datapacks on server or client (I didn't install any.) server-latest.log server-debug.log client-debug.log client-latest.log
  5. Logs for server with java 8; optifine on server and client. client-latest.log client-debug.log server-debug.log server-latest.log
  6. I was using Java 15; let me check. Edit: Do you want me to provide the debug and latest logs for the server and the client again once I run the server with Java 8? Edit #2: I'll provide the latest and debug server and client logs anyway. Also, should I run Optifine on the server with the java 8?
  7. 1. I only have Optifine on the server so that the client and server have the same mod list. 2. The world saves are important, but I can back them up and run the server without them.
  8. My minecraft server and client start up normally with the same forge version, the same mods, and the same wi-fi. When I connect to my server it gives me an error about NBT tags. I have no Idea how to fix this error. Thank you for the help! Latest and Debug logs for both client and server are attached. client-debug.log client-latest.log server-debug.log server-latest.log
  9. I am running my forge server on MacOS Catalina. Will it work correctly if I update to MacOS Big Sur? Thanks!
  10. I checked it out. It was a network error, not related to forge
  11. Thank you again, but then I tried to connect to my server (over the internet) and it did not work. Then I checked the ports and they all said they were open on the router page, but on https://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/open-ports/ it said they were closed. So I tried connecting to my server locally, even on the same machine and it did not work. I'm thoroughly confused. Why did this happen? Thanks for the help!
  12. Thanks! It worked once I manually deleted the files from the folder
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