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  1. First of all, which I assume you know, is that the computer must always be on from which the server is being hosted. Secondly what kind of computer is this? If it has a GUI (like windows or mac and some distributions of linux/ubuntu/debian) it will make things much easier for changing things to the correct setting. Third, I would like to know what the desired outcome is, and what mods you have installed, forge version, debug.log, ETC, the basics. For Biomes O' Plenty, you have to make sure that the world type is set to a Biomes O' Plenty world type. So you'll have to reset your world. And finally, I assume you know that most mods MUST be on both the client and server for it to function properly. So for example, if you want lucky blocks, that must be in the server mods folder, AND in your .minecraft mod folder. For me to fully finish helping you I need the rest of the information that I stated above. Cheers, Foonicular
  2. What is the correct formatting for GitHub? I cannot recall if it is io.githubName.yourName.modName or if it's githubName.io.yourName.modName. I may be totally wrong, although I would like to know this as I do not have a "com" domain, or any other domain for that matter.
  3. Nevermind, I think it might be too OP. I might come back later though and try to figure this out. Thanks for the help though!
  4. So something along the lines of this would work? Create a variable that stores the seconds ticked, when the chunk is unloaded write the seconds ticked variable to it. Then when the chunk is loaded, multiply the seconds ticked variable by 20 (because it is in seconds) set ticks = to seconds ticked and change the 'if ticks = 60000' to 'if ticks >= 60000' to prevent it from breaking?
  5. Where should this go? Within the tile entity class? Also, how would I go about storing the value in an NBT, I have barely any knowledge on NBT currently
  6. Sorry if I wasn't being clear, but how would I store the time it ticks between logins?
  7. Whoops! I didn't see that, how would I go about saving the ticked time from last login?
  8. The quarry tile entity I made is not saving the ticked time when you leave the world. I have an NBT helper class that contains read and write functions for my tile entity. I believe that it is because I am missing TileEntity#markDirty(), and if it is, do I put that in my tile entity class? Also, is there anything else that I am missing? Thanks in advance to those who help. GitHub: http://github.com/foonicular/AMCMod
  9. Do this. You will need it. For now, you can use RenderTypeLookup.setRenderLayer(YourBlockClass.YourBlock.get(), RenderType.getTranslucent()); Use .get() if using deferred registries. You have to put this in your client setup event, I have my own topic on this. A link to that is right here,
  10. I believe that you can use RenderTypeLookup to set the block's render layer as transparent.
  11. Have you tried using you biome provider?
  12. I believe that you can also do it manually... I was able to install the RLCraft Modpack by unzipping the contents into my .minecraft folder. Don't know if that is the case for MineColonies though.
  13. Have you tried using player.changeDimension(yourdimensionclass.yourdimension.get()) I am not very familiar with dimensions yet, but I believe that that should work...
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