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  1. hmmm, the forge docs for 1.15 mention the Forge Blockstate format in passing, but I now see that link on that page is broken. Let me rephrase the question then, how would I achieve this with the multipart format, or another format? I avoided multipart because it doesn't look like I can set the textures in the blockstate file
  2. Hi there, Is it possible to mix the property definition and variant definition syntax in a Forge Blockstate? For example, I have a block that has three properties: Boolean "outer" Boolean "inner" Integer "state", from 0 to 4 The block model it corresponds to has a base texture, and an overlay texture. The base texture is one of two textures and is chosen by the "inner" property alone The overlay texture, however, can be one of 10 possible options, which is chosen by combining the "outer" and "state" properties As I understand it, Forge Bl
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