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  1. [me=Ozzymud]bows to th code god [/me] Like I said, it is purely cosmetic, so for ME, no issue at all. But it sure hurts (pride) when I brag "flawless" just to have someone tell me it's FML why I'm seeing the overlay Here is the thread that pointed me to the AddOveride searching: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1700691-where-did-the-modloader-mods-go/
  2. Sorry bout the link, 1st post, learning this board BBCode fixed Like I said, I know this is an error (at least from what I've googled) with a mod maker using a call from ModLoader... AddOverride i think. The issue is is that on the front page here, Forge has told me if I find incompatibilities with ModLoader and FML, post them here. This is not the only mod that does this I was just made aware. Over on mincraftforum.net there is a post where someone was complaining about Forge mods, and I was bragging on Forge being able to "flawlessly" use all my ModLoader mods They then replied with the exact problem I was seeing (the overlay) and had already complained about on the Diamond Meter thread. At the time I was unaware that it was because of FML not "accepting" ModLoader code... I thought that's what was expected, ModLoader mods working flawlessly in FML. The mods that use the AddOverride apparently play nice with ModLoader, but atm, not with FML. Searching has shown this glitch happens from time to time BOTH ways, sometimes it happens with FML others with ModLoader... I was hoping FML could reconize this code and play nice with it
  3. Not game breaking, and for all my searching it seems that the mod author would need to stop using a ?addOverride? ModLoader call. I found a mod that my boy likes, DiamondMeter. It says it needs Forge. But from the glitch I'm getting and the info I've seen from searching, this is because of said ModLoader call. The issue is the diamond meter gets overlayed onto the leather tunic/armor. I have seen this complained about both ways, happens for some mods with Modloader, others for Forge... Just hoping this is something that Forge itself can fix/work around. Too many mods now require Forge and it has been a godsend when it comes to installing mods, there is no way at this point I would drop it to go back to ModLoader for something so trivial. The front page directed me to post here about incompatibilities... so I am Forge log:
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