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  1. Thank you very much. Why it's called func_235838_a_, I'll never know lol. For anyone else who has the same problem, you want to use this line of code to add a property to the block, just like how you'd set hardnessAndResistance or harvestLevel. Then replace the 10 with the light level you want. .func_235838_a_((lightLevel) -> 10)
  2. I've just started modding, I've read the documentation on blocks and block properties as well as tile entities and blockstates. For some reason I can't change the Block.property of lightValue for the block I've created. I attached a screenshot. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Feel really dumb right now haha. My IDE's saying common\blocks\RubyBlock.java:12: error: cannot find symbol .lightValue(0f) ^ symbol: method lightValue(float) location: class Properties
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