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  1. if you click the optifine thing that downloads when you download it, there are two options: install and extract if you extract it's used as a mod like any other if you install it give you it's own installation profile
  2. future reference, I looked up some things and found out that I had to click on the download to extract it using java, i guess? idk but i had to click on it, which I didn't know since it has a java icon. Anyway, then you put it in the mods folder and THEN it shows up in your mods list
  3. hmm maybe I'm looking in the wrong spot in the options, where would that be then? It's been a long time
  4. https://gist.github.com/samknox98/58709f3add83df69933488b2dc867096
  5. also my debug won't uploads, says it failed and gave me -200 pop up
  6. so I installed optfine into my forge, I am playing 1.16.3. However, optifine does not appear in my mods list and does not appear in options in-game,
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