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  1. I realized that after a little research on the matter, thank you! I couldn't agree more. I use many sources to study/learn, the only one containing videos being McJty Modding as it was recommended here.
  2. Hey guys, So I added data generation to my project, and it seems to trigger only the server-side generators (recipes and loot tables). No error is thrown. Am I missing something? I see that the event is fired twice according to the logs, but the providers are not executed so I think that means nothing. Relevant project files Logs
  3. Its not true indeed. Thanks diesieben07, I managed to get it working yesterday after fixing some other stuff too. I was following many sources (none of them were those random youtube videos) and got a little bit confused. I thought proxies still were a thing, and why is my use ignoring the purpose of them? Thank you for the heads up
  4. Yeah, I was thinking about that. I did it that way for project organization purposes, I'll try changing it. Thanks! As I do not own any domain, I didn't know how the main package structure should be. I don't have a lot of experience with Java/Maven conventions. Thanks for pointing it out, I'll start my package with only the name of the mod.
  5. Copypaste code? I've been spending hours and hours the last few days trying to understand Forge and vanilla stuff. Thanks for the offense dude, do you feel superior already? So sad to see that the community has people like this. Anyway, you can find the complete "copy-pasted project" on Github, go give it a look.
  6. Hey guys, So, I'm using RegistryObject holder classes to register blocks, items, entities, containers, etc, and a Registration class that contains all the DeferredRegisters I need.asd When Registration classloads ModTileEntites, it throws "java.lang.NullPointerException: Registry Object not present" error. I know this happens if I'm trying to use a RegistryObject before its created. As I've registered the DeferredRegister to the event bus, it means the registry events didn't fire yet, right? What's going on here? i used SilentGear as an example of how to handle registries, and it seems
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