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  1. I am sorry that I am bad at English(I am Dutch) but a way around this is to run a external file like for example: like java cant restart your pc(yes it can but this is just a example) you can make java run a external file of C++ or another script language yeah MCreator is very limited and I am not so good at public and private and static and that stuff I don't really know what static does and other stuff you can do with public and private yeah I said that I will first learn the basics of java and after that try to make a very simple game(or simulation)
  2. ok but i will maybe tomorrow get a book for java! and if i have made i simple prototype 2D game in java i will then try to mod minecraft again does that sound good? but i am not gonne start making a game i am first going to make simple programs like a JFrame with a button that will restart your pc
  3. i mean with that are there stuff what java cant do? yeah there are absolutely no tutorials on youtube on how to get a private value with forge
  4. i mean with that are there stuff what java cant do?
  5. Does java have limitations on what it can do like can it change stuff in the cpu or not?
  6. yes but I don't know what to make and C++ is a lot and I mean a lot stronger than java and if C++ cant do something you can just make a header file that allows it to do that and am I stupid ☹️
  7. but i always fail trying to mod minecraft 😢
  8. @diesieben07 is every single forum i make going to be about how to make that creeper charged because i dont want to have a ep3 of that creeper charged thing and should i just use the minecraft code pack reborn? [link removed] because i did make the creeper charged there can you just give me a example
  9. a field is where you can store stuff in like the obfuscationreflectionhelper and static means that like you made a varible and its like int example = 10; when you do that you can change the value if you dont want that you need to do static int example = 10; now you cant change the value and how to reference a class is that you need to import a class like example class and if you imported it if you want to refrencense it in the other class you need to do example.class
  10. but how do i use it can you give me a example and do i need to store it in a field or something or a boolean like for example this? where do i store it in? ObfuscationReflectionHelper.getPrivateValue(what goes here i just want a example like how do i get the villager class)
  11. bro i know what i function is but the whole time what i have been asking by how to make a creeper charged is how to use a reflection so how do i use a reflection
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