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  1. understood. So what should I do in handle of the packet sent in void syncChanges() ? Either way, I think I need to get Player A in handle. Should I put the player UUID in the packet, and get player from the UUID in handle?
  2. Does it mean to send a packet(server-> tracking and self) within the handle of packet(player A-> server)? Then how do I get player A in the handle of the packet(server-> Tracking and self) ?
  3. I think this is a question that has been asked many times, but it is difficult to understand, so I will ask it. I want to update player A's capability when A presses a specific key. In addition, all players A, B, and C get the capability of each player and render them on the screen. The keystrokes, capabilities, and rendering code are all implemented. Then use packets, · Change the capability of A on the server when A pressed key · When the A's capability of the server changes, change the A capability on the A, B, C clients · Gets and renders the capability of all players on th
  4. Color4f is my class, but what I'm doing is the same as the code provided. Replacing it didn't change anything. The problem I'm having is the image below ("Name Ta" is the nameplate). 1st picture: If there is water behind, it will be rendered overlapping with the water. The nameplate is darker through the entity, while the texture isn't (it looks a bit darker, because the nameplate background overlaps). 2nd picture: The texture is not darkened through the block.
  5. I know I should refer to FontRenderer#func_238441_a_, but it's complicated to dig deeper the code. This method draws both background and text. The background is probably drawn with TrenderEffect#renderEffect(FontRenderer: L344), but I don't know where the letters are drawn.
  6. The texture became transparent to the background.
  7. double d0 = entityRenderer.getRenderManager().squareDistanceTo(entity); if (net.minecraftforge.client.ForgeHooksClient.isNameplateInRenderDistance(entity, d0) && this.minecraft.pointedEntity == entity) { this.profiler.startSection("otherHealth"); matrixStack.push(); matrixStack.translate(0.0D, entity.getHeight() + 0.5F, 0.0D); matrixStack.rotate(entityRenderer.getRenderManager().getCameraOrientation()); matrixStack.scale(-0.025F, -0.025F, 0.025F); RenderSystem.enableBlend(); RenderSystem.disableDepthTest(); RenderSystem.disableAlphaTest(); int health =
  8. I want to draw a texture on a black background as well as a nameplate. However, there are issues such as not being visible across blocks and entities. Therefore, I would like to refer to RenderSystem and bufferBuilder for rendering nameplates. But if you follow the code, it's very complicated and unclear. Where in the code is the RenderSystem, bufferBuilder for rendering nameplates?
  9. I'm trying to create a mod (client only) that shows the health of entities in sight. Like the player's overlay health, I want to animate things like highlights, so I need to keep fields lastSystemTime and etc. To implement this, I have two ways: 1. Create a HealthRenderer class that holds fields lastSystemTime and etc, create a map with the corresponding entity, and retrieve the HealthRenderer class and draw when the entity is in view. 2. Attach Health Renderer class to each entity by capability If the capacity isn't available in the client-only mod, I'll use 1, but I'll have
  10. Almost the same as this sample mod. I want to turn off the IME when I open the chat gui.
  11. I found a good mod that uses JNA( https://github.com/Axeryok/CocoaInput ), so I'll refer to it. I have one question, I think Minecraft#getWindow.getWindow here is probably a method of fabric mod. Is there a method of Forge that is the same as this? And if not, how can I get this?
  12. In my mod I'm trying to use a dll file to do something that pure java can't do. I have some basic knowledge about JNA, -What happens to the dll file when compiled -How to get the mod dll file I'm stuck without knowing. Does anyone know about this? Or is there a sample mod that uses a dll file with JNA?
  13. I want to display a texture like a name tag. Specifically, it displays the texture on a black background of nametag with the same transparency as the characters on the name tag. I've just looked at the vanilla code that displays the name tag, but I'm running into a problem. Textures appear semi-transparent when they overlap clouds or the ocean. To be honest, I don't understand the rendering system. I've followed the method that vanilla displays the characters in a name tag, but it's too complicated. I understand that MatrixStack is a class for rotating and moving objects to display, but B
  14. I want to check if the entity's name tag is displayed, but EntityRenderer#canRenderName is protected. Are there other way to check it ?
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