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  1. I use a translator, so I'm sorry if my English is unnatural. Well, as the title says, I'm pretty sure I understand what Capability is, but there are a few things I don't understand. -Is it correct to understand that Capability is for holding arbitrary data by associating it with an object such as a player or TileEntity? -In many cases, it seems recommended to use Capability instead of implementing IInventory when creating a TileEntity with an inventory, why? What are the drawbacks of implementing Vanilla's I Inventory and what are the benefits of using Capability? -Although
  2. Oh, I didn't know that Java spec. I used an indexed for loop and it worked perfectly. Thank you.
  3. public class BumpkinBlock extends HorizontalBlock { private static final EnumProperty<BumpkinPart> PART = UMUBlockStateProperties.BUMPKIN_PART; private static final VoxelShape DOWN_NORTH_WEST_SHAPE = VoxelShapes.or( Block.makeCuboidShape(11, 0, 3, 16, 16, 6), Block.makeCuboidShape(3, 0, 11, 6, 16, 16), Block.makeCuboidShape(6, 0, 6, 16, 16, 16) ); private static final VoxelShape DOWN_NORTH_EAST_SHAPE = VoxelShapes.or( Block.makeCuboidShape(0, 0, 3, 5, 16, 6), Block.makeCuboidShape(10, 0, 11, 13, 16, 16), Block.makeCuboidShape(0, 0, 6, 10, 16, 16) ); private static
  4. Looking at the ItemLayerModel, it seems that each pixel of the texture is overwritten and generated as a quad, but in the ItemModelGenerator rendering the spawnegg item, simply add the quad of the upper layer to the quad of the lower layer. It looks like it's being returned in a list. Is the transparent part overwritten just by adding a Quad with the same shape but a different texture later, like the latter?
  5. This may be a simple question, but how do I stack two TextureAtlasSprites A and B to generate a new TextureAtlasSprite? In other words, the base A is overwritten with pixels other than the transparent part of B.
  6. public class ConnectedTexturesModel implements IModelGeometry<ConnectedTexturesModel> { IConnection[] connections; public ConnectedTexturesModel(IConnection[] connections) { this.connections = connections; } @Override public IBakedModel bake(IModelConfiguration owner, ModelBakery bakery, Function<RenderMaterial, TextureAtlasSprite> spriteGetter, IModelTransform modelTransform, ItemOverrideList overrides, ResourceLocation modelLocation) { return new BakedModel(connections, modelTransform); } @Override public Collection<RenderMaterial> getTextures(IModelConfigura
  7. This may be a terribly simple question, but how do you make sure that one BlockState and one BlockState are the same block? So, for example, where are the methods that return true if both BlockStates are oak_planks, one oak_planks and one white_wool false?
  8. Well, does that mean that the current code renders the north side 6 times and the south side 6 times? Should I pass side to buildQuad and call it only once?
  9. Thank you. I think this is the side argument of type Direction, but what does that mean, for example, side == Direction.NORTH?
  10. public class ConnectedTexturesModel implements IModelGeometry<ConnectedTexturesModel> { ConnectedTextures[] faces; public ConnectedTexturesModel(ConnectedTextures[] faces) { this.faces = faces; } @Override public IBakedModel bake(IModelConfiguration owner, ModelBakery bakery, Function<RenderMaterial, TextureAtlasSprite> spriteGetter, IModelTransform modelTransform, ItemOverrideList overrides, ResourceLocation modelLocation) { ExpansionMod.LOGGER.debug("baketexture"); return new BakedModel(faces, modelTransform); } @Override public Collection<RenderMaterial> g
  11. In ConnectedTextureMod, it seems that you can change the texture by texture.png.mcmeta (similar to defining animation). If you dig deeper into the code, it looks like TextureStitchEvent.Pre is reading the metadata, but I'm not sure what's really going on.
  12. Although it is not the purpose, I tried to use the mcmeta file instead of modelJSON by referring to ConnectedTexturesMod to organize the code, but even if I go back to Loader etc., it seems that I am using modelJSON only. Don't know where the code you're reading from mcmeta is ...? https://github.com/Chisel-Team/ConnectedTexturesMod
  13. Thank you. I'll give it a try. If it doesn't work, I may ask you another question.
  14. When the north faces of multiple blocks are connected, the shape will be a rectangle of up to 3x3, and the texture will be pasted according to the shape. At this time, since it is necessary to indicate the position of the north surface of one block in the rectangular parallelepiped, there are two types of properties, the size (CT_SHAPE_NORTH) and the position (CT_LOC_NORTH) of the rectangle to which the surface of the block belongs. there is. The same applies to the remaining three sides.
  15. In IBakedMode#getQuads, I want to check if there are blocks of the same type on the top, bottom, left and right, and replace the texture of the model accordingly. To do this, I first need to get the coordinates of the block.
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