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  1. sorry for the late, and nothing, only the keyboard and mouse but i fixed it, not sure if it was that, but it started working after i disconected my external sound card (a lexicon alpha) when i conected it again on the same port it gave the same problem, tried changing it to other usb port and no problem at all not sure why it thinks it's a gamepad tho
  2. noup, not even conected, i noticed that too but i only have the mouse and keyboard conected
  3. as the tittle says, forge is crashing after the ealy loading screen, with no mods loaded it just shows the screen, load some things, says something about deep scaning forge files (client.jar and universal.jar) and then just crashes tried deleting the .minecraft folder, adding up to 6gb of ram to it, deleting the config/fml.toml file and all with same result also tried the forge 1.15 version and it works great, problems starts with any 1.16 version here's the log on pastebin
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