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  1. I'm currently playing a modded 1.16.3 run, and got maybe the strangest crash report I've ever seen. From what I can see there's no link to a mod causing it, just Forge, and it's happening in mouseclicked, which is something I've never seen anything like before. It's happening when loading my main world; when creating a new one, it loads just fine. I uninstalled a few mods to see if it improved framerates, tested in a new world, and reinstalled them, so that might have something to do with it. Does anybody have any experience and know where this might be coming from? Here's the cras
  2. I've been running a modded 1.15.2 run and just got this crash. I've enchanted before without issue, but I enchanted a stone sword and attempted to hover over to see the enchants, and this report came up. From what I can tell it's a strange interaction between forge, optifine, quark, and apotheosis with enchantment, but I could be wrong, and I'm not sure if it's solely on the mod-side or something with forge. I wasn't able to find info on this crash on any of those mod pages, and I replicated the crash in the player inventory as well as the enchanting table GUI. Any help would be greatly apprec
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