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  1. This is no good news but thank you
  2. It does but I was looking for something like a list of every state for any entity. I dont want to be restricted to asking around next time I dont know something, or even (lord forbid) searching in code. Until now I learned by tutorials but they dont show everything . Do you use some documentation? I searched in this site's doc but I cant find a good list just examples
  3. OK So I'm new and I'm trying to make hoglins dance when they hear pigstep from jukebox and i cant find out how to do it. My idea is: Every tick if jukebox is playing disc and this disc is pigstep it checks if in X blocks radius the is a hoglin and if so set hoglin state to custom dance state. Unfortunately I cant find list of event state to help me out and documentation shows only so much. Maybe that I'm just stupid and cant find the obvious but if any one likes to point me to direction I would be grateful
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