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  1. So I had no clue what topic to put this under because its not really modding with forge but modding forge itself. So I have terrain generation mods that are only server side and Bungeecord that has Geyser packet translator so people on bedrock edition can play as well, but when a bedrock player connects it gets a unknown packet error. I tested the proxy on a Spigot server verifying it was forge. With no mods installed I still get the error. I got a wireshark log of it all and I found the packet where it aborts the connection due to the invalid packet but I have no clue how to stop it. When I still had the mods installed I disabled the forge handshake protocol but it did not fix the issue. If you know what part of forge is doing this or a way to fix it all together that would be awesome. I know modifying forge can end really baddy (definitely the handshake protocol) but I think that is my only fix here. Im open to any suggestions tho. I have run out of ideas to fix it so any help would be nice. Also it seems the packet id causing the connection error is 0xFE but im not sure cause the client also sends back a packet with that ID. I have a whole bunch of info collected so if you need any more information on the issue, I willing to give it, just not the ips on the wireshark log.
  2. Yes, I can see the change graphically but there bounding box does not follow it. In the vertex shade I have some super efficient code that warps the shape of the terrain but thats only on the gpu. I have no code currently doing the physics aspect as I want to have a method that does not use asm, so I ask for help for ways to do it without asm as I am out of ideas. I am going to implement the asm method but I really want a better method of doing it.
  3. Hello, I had a idea for a mod but it requires the physics between a entity and a block to be changed, and I have a decent amount of forge experience but could not think of a scalable method without using asm. I really want to stay as far away as possible from asm, so I wanted to know if there is any good ways to do it. The hopeful end result it to be able to do a transformation across the entire terrain and make it so that entitys do not glitch threw the ground when I do it. I have a working version that works graphically but not for actual game physics. This is my first time posting of these forms and I do not post on forms often so sorry for any bad formatting or categorization of the post.
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