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  1. I have a server and expect about 20 people to be on it (not always on at once). I went to test the server with one other person and his ping was very high causing him to lag. He was getting good fps but still lagging because of ping. However him and I are around the same area and I wasnt having ping issues. Then all of a sudden, he wasnt having ping issues and I was. I want to know if anyone can take a look at my mods and my server. The server itself was not crashing, but I remember having a similar issue and two mods were clashing with eachother because they were not compatible. I've attached
  2. @DaemonUmbra ignore my past statement. The 1.16.3 file for Patty's just seems not to work at all. I've tried running it separately on multiple different versions of forge and it gives me the same outcome. I tried running the 1.16.1 file and it works perfectly fine on my server, I think im just going to move to 1.16.1 instead.
  3. @DaemonUmbra I got this report: https://paste.gg/p/anonymous/1f22216a8b784e649531051520777f6f
  4. @DaemonUmbra So you're saying, I should try removing all mods except the PMS and see if it runs alone?
  5. Hello, I put some mods together to make a modpack. At first, I did not have PattysMoreStuff and upon researching, I added it to my pack. I have a server with the company shockbyte so I tested playing my server on a singleplayer world and it worked just fine. So I just clicked and dragged my mods from the singleplayer into the server. However, whenever I did that, it keeps crashing my server and just automatically restarting it. I know the issue is with the addition to PMS because I tried running the server without it and it worked. I am just not sure why the addition of PMS isnt wo
  6. @DaemonUmbraHere you go: https://pastebin.com/Da8QJRMb
  7. I am currently trying to make a modpack using the Twitch App and the build in create a custom modpack feature. I am trying to use 1.16.1 but anytime I load up the game, it crashes and gives me the following crash log report: https://pastebin.pl/view/c98980ae I am not sure what is causing the issue for it to not initialize. Someone else tried loading it up through twitch launcher and got a "Exit Code -1" game crash error.
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