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  1. Well I don’t see that you have any actually experience creating a mod so why are you responding ? is there anyone else
  2. hello thanks for a reply....I am going on the fact that it is still very possible that the mod can delete itself and that the host maybe change his mind 5 years. its kind of a weird question because I’m not really using Minecraft for gaming but for education. So the files cannot be deleted ever especially if I store all the data I depend onto it. i have seen this happen before.
  3. Hello I Downloaded a very good mod in my own Minecraft server....the problem is I dedicated the entire server to the mod package. i am worried if one day I build my server so exceptionally well and then one day the mod creator decides to end all support and disappear this has happened to me and happens too a lot of people who rent or lease servers. i have no idea how mods work...... can someone please explain how the .jar works for mods too work does it have to be dependent on The creators serv
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