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  1. My problem is when I try to install the .jar of forge 1.8.9 and I install client. It says Libraries Failed To Download. Try again. com.typesafe:config:1.2.1 org.scala-lang:scala-actors-migration_2.11:1.1.0 org.scala-lang.plugins:scala-continuations-library_2.11:1.0.2 org.scala-lang.plugins:scala-continuations-plugin_2.11.1:1.0.2 org.scala-lang:scala-parser-combinators_2.11:1.0.1 org.scala-lang:scala-reflect:2.11.1 org.scala-lang:scala-swing_2.11:1.0.1 org.scala-lang:scala-xml_2.11:1.0.2
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