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  1. oh damn, thank you, i thought this would be an easier entry than coding something like witchery from scratch because its such an intensive mod. i have already codded a small scale mod and added like items and blocks and such to better understand how the minecraft code works, and i thought this would be like a half-stepping stone to further understand all the specialties that come with it.
  2. ill learn to use it and post the full code, and what i did was fix all the errors that came up when i launched it in inteliiJ with the 1.15 gradle.
  3. theres like 80 java classes in each package and i think 15 packages. i dont know how i would sort them into the github repo
  4. https://github.com/JayyThePotato/WitcheryUpdate/blob/main/1.15.2_update_personal debug log.txt
  5. hello everyone, so i am VERY new to coding mods for minecraft but i am somewhere between beginner and intermediate with java, recently i decided to pick up coding for an old mod called witchery from 1.7.10 because it was my favorite mod and its the reason i played 1.7.10 exclusively until the 1.13 release. now obviously because the code is relatively old a lot of changes had to be made and i got it down to a working file however since i finished fixing all the errors i tried to run the client and it ran and opened minecraft however in the minecraft tab that opened i got an error, the screensho
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