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  1. I have a laser block that can shoot lasers using energy. The laser has the option to be always active or only active if a redstone signal is sent (like the command block). If the player clicks in the GUI on the button it should update it on the server. So I read https://mcforge.readthedocs.io/en/latest/networking/simpleimpl/ and tried to implement it for my case. To send the data I use SimpleChanel.sendToServer. But somehow it sends the data to the client. My code: PacketHandler: private static final String PROTOCOL_VERSION = "1"; public static final SimpleChannel LASER_CHANNE
  2. Thank you! Using this method fixed many bugs. I also figured out that the generator should give the cable the energy instead of the cable taking away energy from the generator. After I fixed that everthing worked.
  3. In the TileEntity: public abstract class CoalGeneratorTileEntity extends TileEntity implements INamedContainerProvider { protected ITextComponent customName; protected I inventory; protected BaseEnergyStorage energy = new BaseEnergyStorage(getCapacity(), getMaxReceive(), getMaxExtract(), getStartEnergy()); public int currentProcessingTime; protected boolean isProcessing = false; public static final String CURRENT_PROCESSING_TIME = "CurrentProcessingTime"; public static final String CUSTOM_NAME = "CustomName"; public CoalGeneratorTileEntity(TileEntityType<?>
  4. I'm rather new to modding and I want to create a tech mod. I was using for all my machines FE but it seems like I've been doing something wrong because it doesn't work with other mods that use FE. My implementation works like this: I have a machine tile entity that has an energy storage as the capability. When it's an energy generator it has a max receive of 0 and a max extract of a non 0 number. If it is a energy consumer it has a max receive of a non 0 number and a max extract of 0. My cable check if there's a tile entitiy with energy capability and remove/give it energy based on the ma
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