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  1. Hello everyon! I Have problems with "tick" method @Override public void tick(BlockState p_225534_1_, ServerWorld p_225534_2_, BlockPos p_225534_3_, Random p_225534_4_) { p_225534_2_.playSound((PlayerEntity)p_225534_2_.getAllEntities(), p_225534_3_, Registry.CONVEYOR_WORKING.get(), SoundCategory.BLOCKS, 1, 1); super.tick(p_225534_1_, p_225534_2_, p_225534_3_, p_225534_4_); } Nothing is happening, what did i do wrong? P.s. im using official mappings
  2. How do i add this property for my block? I mean, there is no DirectionProperty in Properties. Can you, please, give a code?
  3. Hi everyone, im new to forge, and im stuck in a problem. I want to make a conveyor. I want to make the entities move in the direction of the pipeline, but I do not know how to get the rotation of the block P.s. im using official mappings @Override public void stepOn(World p_176199_1_, BlockPos p_176199_2_, Entity p_176199_3_) { //here i need to know rotation of block p_176199_3_.getEntity().move(MoverType.PLAYER, new Vector3d(0, 0, -0.085)); super.stepOn(p_176199_1_, p_176199_2_, p_176199_3_); }
  4. [1.16.1] How do I add a lore for an Item? (im noob in forge) Im use IntelliJ IDEA
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