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  1. I am familiar with the fact that OptiFine is closed-source, and for a very good reason. So I should wait until they either update compatibility for newest version of 1.16.3 Forge or step over to 1.16.4 altogether when the time comes. Nonetheless, thank you, sir. Masgel
  2. Thank you for answering. According to the OptiFine HD U G4 (and G3) changelog, Forge compatibility is labeled as "Forge 34.0.0", although it worked fine in forge version 34.1.35, which is what I updated from. I'm guessing I should wait until all mods get updated to 1.16.4 along with OptiFine and it's compatibility with Forge? Either that or I'm seriously misreading something. Masgel EDIT: I just realized I had the wrong revision of OptiFine downloaded. Apologies for the false alarm.
  3. Hello! I updated Forge recently for my modded 1.16.3 version and am receiving 2 crash logs: one from the launcher in a short form and second one in crash-reports folder. The one I get from the launcher looks like this: The game crashed whilst starting integrated server Error: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: net.minecraft.util.ResourceLocation.compareNamespaced(Lnet/minecraft/util/ResourceLocation;)I Exit Code: -1 Second one (proper one?) is attached as the direct file from the crash-logs folder. Didn't matter if I used Biomes o' Plenty, Quark Realistic or even Default world gen options, seemingly getting the same result. Funnily enough, logging into a pre-made world made with forge version 34.1.35, I get this error message in the launcher: The game crashed whilst mouseclicked event handler Error: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: net.minecraft.util.ResourceLocation.compareNamespaced(Lnet/minecraft/util/ResourceLocation;)I Exit Code: -1 Mods were downloaded from CurseForge. As far as my logic goes, I couldn't find any wording in the crash log linking to a (any) certain mod(s) other than forge itself. Please correct me if I'm wrong on that. BUT. I made a separate clean installation with forge version 34.1.42 with no other mods attached and creating a world there was seamless. No crashes or errors. Unsure of where to go from here. Masgel crash-2020-11-05_11.20.06-client.txt
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