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  1. i want to start learning coding, but i can't find any good tutorial for 1.16.4 or 1.15. if you find one, can you plz link it here? thanks
  2. thanks... can you recommand me about more tutorials and open-source mods? btw, is there any forge dictionary (like, with all the functions and stuff)?
  3. So... I heard that forge changed almost st entirely the code in 1.13, and the code for 1.12.2 is VERY different then 1.13+, but I don't know what should I code on. I want to learn how to code forge mods, and I can't decide these things: - 1.12 or 1.13+ - which version - where to learn (what tutorial) So, if you can help me decide those things that would be really helpful. And please link a tutorial so I can learn how to code mods. Thanks!
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