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  1. How to get player statistics like deathCount or DistanceWalked?
  2. Theres no specific reason, I just wanted to get it shown at screen. If it isnt possible, sure I dont need it. BTW, can I do the same thing but with entities?
  3. Yea I looked at it and I have no idea what is going one there
  4. I tried this function on singleplayer, it didnt work even when I opend the chest
  5. Well, it works like tile.serializeNBT() When I check chest NBT, it shows Items tag as empty, when there are items inside chest. So your function is not the solution for me.
  6. Hi, I want to get NBT of a TileEntity. How do I do it? I already have a TileEntity variable. Thanks for help!
  7. I got it by Minecraft.getInstance().gameSettings.showDebugInfo; works! Thanks
  8. It cannot be accessed by GameSettings.showDebugInfo
  9. But i want it to render only when I press f3, and if I press it second time it dissapiers
  10. Theres one catch. Canceling event works, but the event is running every tick. When I want to show my f3 screen, it doesnt do anything becouse it switches it 20 times per second. Any ideas?
  11. How do you cancel it? Wouldnt canceling it cancel all text render events?
  12. Hi, i would like to replace the F3 screen. By that I mean I want to display other text on it. But I need help with replacing it. The F3 screen is in the net.minecraft.client.gui.overlay.DebygOverlayGui, and its created in net.minecraft.client.gui.IngameGui Thanks for your help!
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