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  1. what argument would I answer the EquipmentSlotType parameter with then?
  2. EquipmentSlotType parameter i am almost 100 percent sure is the slot which the item can be equiped in. Thats why the argument i put for that parameter was HEAD, as i wanted it to be in the players head slot and also it autofilled that in when i typed H. however, it still allows for the item to be worn on any slot of the player, which is why i am confused.
  3. That is the parameter name that is used in the IForgeItem canEquip method.
  4. Thank you, this works. But I only want to be able to equip the item on the head slot and it currently lets me equip it on any slot. Also It wont let me put it on armor stands. This is the code I am currently using: @Override public boolean canEquip(ItemStack itemstack, EquipmentSlotType Head, Entity ArmorStandEntity) { return true; } Any ideas on how to make it equipable in only the head slot or on an armor stand
  5. I'm working on making a skull item that will be dropped by an entity that i made. I want to make it wearable. I looked up how to do this and many people refer to the isValidArmor method and utilizing that (https://www.codota.com/code/java/methods/net.minecraft.item.Item/isValidArmor). However, I cannot find this method at all in the Item class and I have looked in various other places. I looked in the Skull class in the item package to look for utilization of the method or a similar method to make them equip-able and I even looked in the CarvedPumpkin one too and found nothing. Can anybody hel
  6. I'm working on making a skull item for an entity that i made. I want it to be wearable similar to normal skulls in minecraft, place-able on armor stands, and when you place it on a block, I want it to chose one of 2 models that I have made based on whether its placed on the top of a block or the side of a block (what normal mc skull blocks do). I'm about 5 months experienced with java but I just started modding Minecraft a week ago. To me, since the block basically has identical properties to normal skulls but just a different model and texture, it seems like there might be a shortcut to essen
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