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  1. Okay, the problem is I'm old and forgetful. It runs fine. I thought I did a fresh install but didn't do it right, so the problem is with GDLauncher. This explains the different exit code. I'll go bother them about it. Thanks for the fresh eyes to poke me back to reality
  2. I cannot get an instance of MC Forge to run with either the vanilla launcher or GDLauncher, yet vanilla MC and Fabric MC work fine in both. I am running the latest versions of everything, and no 1.18-compatible version of Forge will launch even though they all install without fail. Using the vanilla launcher I get exit code 0 and the following logs: Debug log Latest log With GDLauncher I get the following console output:
  3. Enchanted Isles Enchanted adventures await! WE WELCOME BEDROCK PLAYERS! SERVER ADDRESS: EnchantedIslesMC.com Bedrock players: Set the Port to 25565 JOIN US ON DISCORD! We are a 1.16.4 Java SMP server boasting stunningly beautiful TerraForged terrain and a 16 chunk render distance to drink it all in! Check out our website for full server details and features! Server Features The server is currently Minecraft 1.16.4. We boast sweeping plains, towering mountains, and some of the most beautiful landscapes you will see in Minecraft! The server will render distances up to 16 chunks, subject to server performance. The Enchanted Isles currently consists of two large islands spread across 324 square km (324,000 blocks). The islands are joined by a 1.6km bridge across the ocean and a nether shortcut. Multiplayer sleep plugin, night will pass when 50% or more of players are sleeping, excluding Admins, Mods, and AFK players. Player and mob head drops. Silk spawners. EssentialsX signs. Players keep items (but not exp) on death. PvP is enabled and allowed everywhere except on Leanabh Island. We do not officially support or endorse ANY real-world issues, politics, faiths, or ideologies aside from the tenets of Freedom of Speech. The following features are courtesy of Vanilla Tweaks: Custom Nether Portals All Recipes Unlocked Fast Leaf Decay Crafting Tweaks Craftable Horse Armor Craftable NameTags Classic Fishing Loot Armored Elytra Rules No Griefing No Cheats/Hacks No Spam Points Of Interest Leanabh Island Prasutagus Island Boudicca Island Stronghold The End Nether
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