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  1. My group has to develop in 1.16.1 for this project. Is this just a bug that can't be worked around for this version?
  2. Hi, I'm trying to add custom sounds to my mod in 1.16.1. I understand that DeferredRegister<> got changed to DeferredRegister.create, but when I try to use it, it gives me the error "Cannot resolve symbol 'create'". Here's the code: import edu.temple.reptiles.Reptiles; import net.minecraft.util.SoundEvent; import net.minecraftforge.registries.DeferredRegister; import net.minecraftforge.registries.ForgeRegistries; public class SoundInit { public static final DeferredRegister<SoundEvent> SOUNDS = new DeferredRegister.create(ForgeRegistries.SOUND_EVENTS, Reptiles.MOD_ID); } Any ideas as to why it wouldn't be recognized? I have the DeferredRegister import.
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